Marseille 200

Function & Features:

  • Silent Drive Actuator
  • Wireless Remote
  • Head & Foot Adjustments
  • Zero G
  • One Touch Flat
  • Anti-Snore
  • Two Programmable Presets
  • Zero Clearance (Apply to Wooden Slats)
  • Foldable
  • UPS Shippable
  • Adjustable Legs

Optional Features:

  • Under-Bed Lighting
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Charger
  • Headboard Brackets

Base Dimension

QUEEN 150cm×200cm (59.06in×78.74in)
FULL 135cm×187cm (53.15in×73.62in)
TXL 95cm×200cm (37.4in×78.74in)
CKS 90cm×210cm (35.43in×82.68in)

Package Dimension

QUEEN 107.3cm×154.4cm×23.5cm (42.24in×60.79in×9.25in)
FULL 103cm×143cm×23.5cm (40.55in×56.3in×9.25in)
TXL 109.5cm×103.5cm×23.5cm (43.11in×40.75in×9.25in)
CKS 113cm×99.5cm×23.5cm (44.49in×39.17in×9.25in)

Net Weight

QUEEN61.5kg (135.58lb)
FULL58.5kg (128.97lb)
TXL46.5kg (102.52lb)
CKS44.5kg (98.11lb)

Gross Weight

QUEEN69kg (149.91lb)
FULL65kg (143.3lb)
TXL52kg (114.64lb)
CKS50kg (110.23lb)

Load Quantity(40 HQ)

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